Become an ensa instructor!

Being an ensa instructor means that you plan, organise and independently conduct ensa first aid courses within companies or for the general public.

To be eligible as an ensa instructor, you should have already obtained the ensa first aider certificate, have knowledge about mental illnesses and didactic skills in adult education. Furthermore, if you would like to work to de-stigmatise and prevent mental health problems, we would like to invite you to apply to Pro Mente Sana for the ensa instructor training. During this training, you will be prepared for the didactic and content-related aspects of delivering ensa courses.

Once you have completed the training, you will gain your first experience as a prospective instructor in working in tandem with experienced instructors. Once you are feeling confident and have received positive feedback from the course participants and co-instructors, you can go through a certification process. Upon successful completion, you will become an experienced instructor. This allows you to deliver courses independently.

Before you can deliver ensa first aid courses, you are required to sign an agreement with Pro Mente Sana for the annual licence fee of CHF 200. The agreement stipulates mutual rights and obligations. In the agreement, you consent to use the material exclusively for ensa courses and to present the content in accordance with the instructor training. In addition, part of your duties is to attend annual on-going training for quality management purposes.